Amar Singh Chamkila Shining brightly out of the struggle (Witness the glorious artistic journey)


Amar Singh Chamkila, the eminent lyricist and singer of the twentieth century, struggled a lot in the early days to become a popular figure. Due to poverty at home, he had to do many jobs to support the family. Although he could read less, but he had a passion for singing since childhood. At an early age, singing in plays in nearby villages, writing songs, taking Surinder Shinda as his teacher and going to the side with many famous artists of that time, Chamkila's enthusiasm for singing increased. When he got time, he used to sing a couple of songs on the stage. Before coming to the market, when Chamkila used to go with Surinder Shinda on Ramlila at Burail (Chandigarh), he used to serve them a lot. Chamkila used to live in the house of his teacher Surinder Shinda and singer Surinder Sonia and he did all the housework with his uncle Swaran Singh, fattening the cattle and doing many other tasks by himself.

He used to wake up Chamkila early and take her to the well and perform Riyaz. The salt well in which he used to ask Chamkila to sing in a loud voice while facing the well at Burail still exists in Burail. When Chamkila used to ask Swaran Singh about this, "Uncle, artists sing facing up, why are you asking me to sing facing down in the well?" then the uncle used to tell him, "Son, if If your destiny favors you, you will be a famous artist of the future and your voice will not crack like other artistes." Before going to the stage of Chamkila Ram Leela, he used to steal from Shinda every day to pay obeisance at Nagar Khede and also serve there.

Chaudhary Telu Ram had said one thing to Chamkila that one day your hard work will pay off and you will become a great artist. Surinder Shinda used to say that my disciple should be world famous and there should be no one to compete with him in the world. Shinda used to call Jagdev Singh Jassowal uncle. Once Shinda invited his two disciples Kuldeep Paras and Chamkila to Jassowal's house in Ludhiana. At that time, Jassowal had built a stage by standing two barrels and asked Chamkila to climb up and sing that today, see how far your voice goes. Chamkila then sang a kali of Manak. Jassowal had said, "You are good at singing. Your name will surely shine in the future." Once when Chamkila forgot a part of Manak's bud on Ram Leela, Shinda was very angry. Then Surinder Sonia went ahead and rescued Chamkila and later gave her turmeric milk for some time till she recovered. Surinder Sonia then also told Shinda that if I can make you a star, then I can make Chamkila a diamond. Shinda used to say that I can't bear to be my disciple and be forgotten.

When Chamkila used to sing on Ram Leela, he used to get a long line of people giving him one rupee and two rupees as reward. Dhani Ram Sandila singing at Ram leela was given the name 'Amar Singh Chamkila' by the famous lyricist Sanmukh Singh Azad, the writer of the religious song 'Talwar Main Kalgidhar Di Hain'. Later, when he got time, Chamkila went to Nagar Khede (Burail) with Amarjot every year to pay obeisance and also continued to do programs on Ram Leela.

When Chamkila went to programs with other artists, people liked to listen to other artists less and Chamkila more. When Chamkila went to the side with Shinda, people used to say to Shinda that the new boy you brought with him also lost a song. This artist, who created a stir in the artists' market in Ludhiana with his first record duet 'Takue ​​Te Takuya Kharke', got married to Amarjot at Phagwara and made a permanent set with him. At one time, Chamkila and Amarjot had become so popular that their records had to be booked by paying money first, and then after going somewhere, after going around the shop every day, one would get the record by standing in line. Due to some couplets, Amarjot and Chamkila were also opposed, but Chamkila only described the true nature of people in his songs and talked about life. Yes, he can be objected about one-off songs, but to say that Chamkila was just a lascivious singer is not correct. Because of singing religious songs, Chamkila became popular in the religious community as well, because of which people of many religious views also started liking him.

Chamkila was a ghagaiya that everyone from truck drivers to college varsity people listened to. In 1987, Amarjot and Chamkila toured Arab countries, Canada and then the US, where they performed more than any other artist, which is still a record. Those who had the duty to kill Amarjot and Chamkila had already come to Mehsampur after becoming hona. After many years of hard work and struggle, this famous hero was killed along with Amarjot and Sajiyan before the construction of the arena.

Even though the real truth of the death of Amarjot and Chamkile has not come out in front of people yet and their death was said to be the result of bad situation of Punjab due to singing lachar songs, but here it has to be said that the cause of death of Amarjot and Chamkile His songs were not because at that time there were many other artists who were serving more laxity than Chamkili in the songs. Bodies die of course, but voices never die. After the demise of Amarjot and Chamkila, several duos tried to adopt their style of singing, but failed.

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